1,000,000 EUR zanox Web Services Contest 2008

Posted by Sebastian Wallroth in Web Services Contest , May 22nd, 2008

Corporate Financial Partners

Participate in the zanox Web Services Contest 2008: One Million Euros Venture Capital from the zanox Campus Sponsors under the leadership of the M&A Consulting Firm “Corporate Finance Partners”.

Goal: the best business model, based on the zanox webservices will be eligible to be awarded the investment capital.

Enterprises, startups or developer can prove that they have developed an monetizing business model based on the zanox webservices. For example: develope an application, widget/ gadget or mashup, connect external systems like other api’s, networks or platforms to zanox webservices, generate a considerable volume of well converting traffic into leads or sales or achieve an top zanox Publisher AdRank.


  • interested candidates apply by setting up an corresponding account and accepting the terms of conditions.

  • zanox makes a pre-selection by analysing the zanox publisher statistics of the candidates during the entire contest.

  • the best 20 candidates will be asked on September 30, 2008, to turn in their business plans until October 5, 2008.

  • the ultimate top 10 candidates will receive invitations to the closing event in Berlin (probably October 24, 2008).

  • within a business plan-conference/-competition) the top 10 candidates will get the opportunity to convince the jury by giving a short presentation of their business model and team.

  • the jury will officially announce the top five candidates in the following recall party.

  • all participants will be promoted with their brand and Ranking to the campus sponsors and the zanox investors network.

The Jury’s decisions are subject to its sole discretion. See full terms and conditions.

Good luck and keep on monetising!

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12 Responses to “1,000,000 EUR zanox Web Services Contest 2008”

  1. Kamil Przeorski Says:

    Hello Admin,

    Where could I find a full list of the zanox partners to use in an application?


  2. Sebastian Wallroth Says:

    Hi Kamil, this list of advertisers you can work with is available online. Just register for free and noncommittally at zanox and login. There is a catalogue of advertisers in our user interface.

    Register here for free and noncommittally for the zanox Web Services Contest 2008: https://ui.zanox-affiliate.de/bin/z_in_frm.dll?1001100210030&0C0&124940_111_341

    See here for information abot the zanox GAP Campus: http://zanoxgapcampus.mixxt.com/

    Sebastian Wallroth
    Director Innovation and Cooperation
    zanox GAP Campus

  3. Frank Wolff Says:

    Hello Sebastian,
    thought you was gone and a away. Must be more than half and a year ago since we talked about the webservices.
    Are there any news and a better description of the possibilities now ?

  4. Sebastian Wallroth Says:

    Hello Frank,

    there are several information sources actually. See http://wiki.zanox.com for the description of the zanox Web Services. See http://www.zanox.com/contest for the 1 Mio EUR zanox Web Services Contest. And see http://zanoxgapcampus.mixxt.com/ for a list of all the groups of developers, publishers, and startups interested in making money in the times of web 2.0

    Kind regards,

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  9. dot net web services Says:

    Thanks for explaining the procedure… Nice terms & conditions…

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    Zanox Web Service Contest: beschenkmich.de ist dabei!...

    Gestern haben wir unseren Relaunch abgeschlossen und nun ist es soweit:

    beschenkmich.de nimmt offiziell am ZANOX Web Service Contest teil. Unter den TOP 20 Teilnehmern “verlost” Corporate Finance Partners eine Beteiligung in Höhe von 1.00…

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