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Posted by Sebastian Wallroth in Application Store Contest, Widget production , July 9th, 2009

Shopotainment Publisher WidgetShopotainment is a service enabling communication and interaction with and about products through social networks, widgets, RSS-feeds, or the shopotainment portal.

The systems suggests interesting products for recommendation to friends by learning the users preferences. The emerging product world (I have, I want, I bye) can be provided as feed to friends to inspire them.

If the product inspiration fits the liking of the friend, he can buy the product via a direct link (price comparison inclusive) and add the product to his own product world.

Shopotainment provides a Widget via tha zanox Application Store that enriches the product information with links to its users and fans. Website users can use the interaction buttons to express themselves to show whether they have the product already or they want it, and if they like it or not.

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  1. Unser Widget ist online und bereit damit ihr damit Geld verdienen könnt | shopotainment-Blog Says:

    [...] Auch Zanox hat eine Meldung zur Veröffentlichung des Shopotainment-Widgets [...]

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