App of the week: WordPress plugin

Posted by Francesco in App of the week, Application Store , December 8th, 2009

For today’s “App of the week”, we are going to talk about our WordPress plugins. In our Application Store we have two wordpress plugins: one developed by zanox and one developed by one of our publishers.

zanox Worldpress pluginThe zanox WordPress plugin allows the configuration of the sales region as well as a minimum and maximum price for products. You can even select specific advertisers and product categories for an optimal selection of products that will be displayed within the search result list. Additionally, you can configure how many products should be displayed and if they should be displayed above or underneath the search results on your blog.

Worldpress pluginThe external WordPress plugin instead extends your posts with contextual product links. You can select the quantity of links, the region of shops and decide where the links should be displayed (above/below the blog entry itself).

Enjoy trying out our WordPress plugins!

Your zanox Web Service team

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