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Posted by Francesco in App of the week , December 21st, 2009

Sometimes we just have to face the truth – especially after Christmas. We’ve eating and drinking and eating even more. And somehow our belts seem to get a little tighter with every Christmas pudding we have. That’s the point where a disturbing feeling grows in most of us: the fear of checking your weight.

BMI_calculatorWe thought it’s the right time to introduce you to a great widget which we selected as our Christmas “app of the week”: The Body Mass Index calculator widget. Just put it on your site to allow all your visitors to calculate their BMI and earn from it: The widget allows users to put in their weight and height and provides the best matching offer from the zanox catalogue that fits the calculated Body Mass Index.

Okay, for some customers the BMI result might be not be exactly what they want to hear, just as in my case ;) But it’ll definitely push them to do something about it.

It’s really easy to install the widget: Simply get it from our Application Store and configure the language and the region properly. Please note you need to be directly applied to some zanox programmes specified in the Terms and Conditions of the widget in order to have the right products included in the results.

Here is an example of how to configure the widget: Simply replace the following line in your integration code: {‘key’:’value’} with {‘language’:’en’,’region’:’de’} (This gets you the language English and products from German advertisers)

Enjoy the widget, the Christmas dinners and parties and have a great holiday!

your zanox Web Services Team

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  2. Baseter Says:

    So, what was your BMI before christmas ? :)

  3. MK Says:

    Das ist eine sehr gute Idee! Originell!

  4. Afriko Says:

    Oh, my B M I was 0 before christmas !

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