One-click shopping: javengo.Direct-Checkout for Jochen Schweizer

Posted by Pepe in Application Store , February 10th, 2010

Here’s an application that has already gotten a lot of good feedback, and everyone who’s seen it has had an “aha!” moment: it’s easy to imagine this application increasing conversion rates.

The concept is simple: a publisher describes a product in detail, and offers a one-click-purchase button with the description. Instead of re-directing the user to a web store—where the user could lose interest in the course of being asked to register or when faced with a change of site—an overlay opens on the publisher site. In this overlay, the user enters his personal and payment data and purchases the product immediately.

When the purchase is complete, the overlay closes and the user remains on the publisher’s site, a big attraction for publishers. And with the one-click link, advertisers will be happy to see their customers and the sale of their products brought a few steps closer together.

For now, the application can be configured for a wide array of Jochen Schweizer products, but the application provider javengo plans to customize it for any interested zanox advertisers (click here for more information and a demo). zanox Web Services provided business and legal consulting to javengo, and we’d like to remind you that such consulting is a vital part of the Web Services mission statement.

To get started with javengo.Direct-Checkout, click here.

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4 Responses to “One-click shopping: javengo.Direct-Checkout for Jochen Schweizer”

  1. Steffen Says:

    Look at the video to see how it looks like.

    That is what Jochen Schweizer say about it :

  2. Hans Says:

    Nice video about Zanox!
    ...until the paper-work is done:)
    Curious about the possibilities to advertise for cell phones.
    Do you have merchants with landingpages specialized for mobile ads?

  3. Phil Says:

    One click purchase would be very useful.

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