Rotato: product rotating widgets

Posted by Francesco in APIs, Application Store , June 16th, 2010

Rotato is a product adserving widget generator. Publisher can create 2 different types of product rotating adservers:

  • one with Manual targeting

  • one with Automatic targeting

In the first scenario Publishers are allowed to select specific products from their active partnerships while in the second they can specify the search criteria to let the widget find and display always up-to-date products using the zanox API.

The manual targeting requires more maintenance but allows on the other side more control to the publisher and let them posssibly optimise the displayed products by click trough rate.

Finally publishers can always choose between 2 different css with product preview or simple product list or eventually provide their own css to the widget.

Below you find a couple of screenshot to show the look and feel once using the provided css:


You can get the application in the zanox Application Store here.

4 Responses to “Rotato: product rotating widgets”

  1. Professional Services Says:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  2. Samsung ue46C9000 3D LED TV 2010 | My 3D Weblog Says:

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  3. Ette shopping al femminile Says:

    Any feedback from users? Is it possibile to configure for recent product?

  4. Francesco Votta Says:

    Hi, you can configure the products in the widgets on your own and access all the products from merchants you have a direct partnership with. You can either specify the search criteria and let the widget finds on its own the product or specify the exact products you want in your widget

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