Publisher API 2011 Release – Q & A

Posted by Pepe in APIs , May 18th, 2011

I’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions which have come up repeatedly since the 2011 release of the Publisher API.

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How does the new incentives resource work?

There are two types of incentives: exclusive and non-exclusive.

Non-exclusive incentives are visible to all zanox publishers, whether or not they have applied to the program offering the incentive. If you do a simple “get all” (i.e., tracking links will be returned as follows:

  • if the incentive is for a program you belong to, you get a tracking link for the ad space(s) you used to apply;

  • some zanox programs participate in a public ad media pool; if the incentive is in one of these programs, you get a tracking link for each of your ad spaces; and

  • if you are not applied to the program and the program does not participate in the ad media pool, you get the incentive without a tracking link.

If you restrict your query to a specific ad space (i.e., you will only see incentives for the programs you have applied to, and for those participating in the public ad media pool.

Exclusive incentives are a completely different set of incentives, and are only visible to publishers who have been explicitly granted permission to use an incentive by its program. If you are interested in using exclusive incentives, please contact your Account Manager.

For more information, please see

Where are the program commission models?

Commissions were removed from the ProgramItem in the 2011 Publisher API. Our next release will feature a more comprehensive solution to commissions, including publisher-specific commissions.

For now, you can continue using the 2009 version, which will be available until 2012-03-01 per our migration strategy. You can make this call via a direct URL, e.g.

What happened to “GetProgramsByAdspsace”?

GetProgramsByAdspace has been replaced by the  concept of “program applications”. The “status” field allows you to query program applications by status, whereas GetProgramsByAdspace only returned your active (“confirmed”) program memberships. Other possible values for “status” are “open”, “rejected”, “deferred”, “waiting”, etc.

For instance, the following screenshot of the zanox API Explorer shows all unsuccessful program applications for ad space “1373732” (advertisers don’t seem to like “” very much!):

For more information, please see

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