We are moving to the zanox developer portal!

Posted by Simas Aleksiejunas in Announcement , October 17th, 2013

zanox developer portal

We have been sending links to documentation in the developer portal for a while now, but it is time to make it official. The new zanox developer portal – https://developer.zanox.com is live and available for everyone. It will step-by-step phase out the current http://wiki.zanox.com and this blog, offering not only cleaner design and better documentation, but also community features, like an integrated developer blog and forum (which is coming soon) for news and your questions. The developer portal will be the central location to find help for zanox developer solutions, including Mobile SDKs, APIs, Media Container technology, MasterTag, AppStore and zanox Connect.
As of now, we have vastly improved Publisher API and Authentication (zanox OAuth) documentation, and we’re working hard to bring other product pages up to standard too. There are many features still planned for the developer portal, so stay tuned for more!
In the meanwhile, this blog will remain open as an archive for older posts, but all future updates will be posted on the developer portal only.

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  1. dreamworth12 Says:

    thanks for sharing links of documentation.its important for cleaner design and better documentation.

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