A look behind the scenes of the zanox Berlin Valley Experience

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Corporate news, Events, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , March 30th, 2015

For the third time we welcomed our top performing publishers of the zanox Rally to the zanox Berlin Valley Experience. 20 publishers from 10 countries including guests that travelled all the way from Brazil came together for an inspiring day.


The agenda took us on a tour to the heart of online marketing in Berlin. Beginning the day at the zanox office, the group had a chance to mix and mingle with zanox employees and other publishers from around the world. The official part of the programme began with our CEO, Mark Walters, who shared an exclusive outlook on future developments within the zanox group and the direction our industry is heading. Following his introduction, Melani Kumaledewi and Niels de Groot from the zanox global publisher team took a closer look at the effects of these developments on global publisher businesses.


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How to become a successful publisher

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Tips for publishers , March 23rd, 2015

The affiliate model is thriving. Over 50,000 publishers per year sign up to become part of the zanox network, but only a few of them actually become successful and earn money with their websites. What differentiates those that make it from those that do not?

From our experience, success (or lack thereof) comes down to three core concepts: Read the rest of this entry »

Publisher Invitation Links – recruit publishers for your programme

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, zanox Product , March 17th, 2015

Hello advertisers, do you want to recruit more relevant publishers for your programme? With the new publisher invitation links you can do this with ease. Invite interesting partners via the zanox marketplace or recruit publishers via your website by implementing a permanent invitation link on your website/ affiliate marketing landing page.

Once a publisher clicks on your invitation link, they are able to view your zanox marketplace profile without being logged in. In a second step, they can either login and apply to your programme or register with zanox where they are automatically applied to your programme. Make sure your profile is updated and appealing.


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zanox won the E-mailing Trophy 2015 at the Nuit des Rois!

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Corporate news, Events, Tips for publishers , March 16th, 2015

The 2nd edition of the Nuit des Rois, which took place on March 12th, rewarded the best digital strategies in terms of performance and innovation, and spotlighted performance marketing.

Three case studies were in competition for the e-mailing trophy: Yves Rocher by Plyce, Cofinoga by Tradedoubler and Marks & Spencer by zanox. And it’s the strategy plan set up by zanox and Yieldify for Marks & Spencer that the judges chose as the most efficient and innovative.

Take a look at the case study here (French):

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2015 – get your mobile knowledge boost here!

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , March 10th, 2015

Mobile commerce continues to boom with one-third of worldwide internet accesses now executed via smartphones*. Assuming this number will continue to grow over the next few years, it implicates tremendous potential for mobile affiliate marketing.  Currently, a wide range of advertisers and publishers rely on the power of mobile. Growth rates of 105% in mobile revenues and 82% in transactions, give a first hint of how well mobile affiliate marketing has performed in 2014. The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer  allows an in-depth look into European m-commerce and its development.

Download the full review of 2014 with a variety of graphs and evaluations on the different aspects of mobile affiliate marketing.


Highlights from zanox’s First Global Expert Day Travel

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Corporate news, Events, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , March 6th, 2015

Berlin was the place to be for the travel industry this week. On Tuesday we hosted the first global zanox Expert Day Travel prior to ITB in Berlin.

More than 150 travel enthusiasts from Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and United Kingdom joined us for this exciting journey.
With 298 flights, 239 accommodation bookings and 50 packages sold online per hour facilitated by zanox, travel is one of the most advanced industries in online marketing.


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zanox celebrates 15 successful years in affiliate marketing

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in About zanox, Corporate news , March 6th, 2015

Today is a special day as zanox turns 15! A lot of things have happened during the past 15 years – we would like to take you on a little tour to the roots of zanox.

Meet our three founders: Jens, Thomas and Heiko at their first office in Berlin. It’s not a garage, but it surely felt like one.


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How to increase the visibility of your banners

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Market Insights, Tips for publishers , March 2nd, 2015

201502-zanox-infographic-good-ads - Copy

Banner blindness remains a topic of discussion. Visitors wouldn’t notice banners anymore, resulting in lower CTR. But if you make sure that your materials are smartly used, there is still lots of potential to generate transactions via banners.

Did you  know that banners below the fold do not necessarily generate less clicks? 40% of the visitors that scroll below the fold will notice the banner placements there. Also quality content and the right context play a crucial role in the performance of an ad. In the end, it is position, format and content that are key. Make sure to find relevant partners (for publishers: how to apply for an advertiser programme – for advertisers: how to invite publishers to your programme), with the right context, to maximize your earnings with affiliate marketing.

Do you already have a strategy in place to get the most out of banner materials?

Transition of zanox Executive Board completed / Michael von Stern returns to Axel Springer

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in About zanox , February 24th, 2015

michael von sternMichael von Stern, 46, leaves the zanox Executive Board with effect of February 28, 2015. He joined the Board as CFO/COO in January 2014 in order to support the merger of zanox and Digital Window and now returns, as initially planned, to Axel Springer in a new role.

Andreas Wiele, Chairman of the zanox Supervisory Board and President Marketing and Classified Ad Models Axel Springer SE: “I would like to thank Michael von Stern for his excellent work and contribution to zanox. He took on this role during a challenging phase and laid the foundation for the ongoing development of the company.”

Mark Walters, CEO zanox AG, adds: “Michael von Stern made a substantial contribution to the realignment of the company and greatly facilitated the on-boarding of me and my colleagues as part of the zanox Board transition.”

New at zanox: Click Error Report for publishers

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Tips for publishers, zanox Product , February 24th, 2015

Imagine if an advertiser deactivated their ad media or closed their programme. If you don’t adjust your links accordingly, visitors clicking on that link will end up on a dead page and you will miss out on potential earnings. To avoid this, we have launch the Click Error Report, a solution to easily find out if and where you have broken links implemented.

In the Click Error Report you can find a detailed overview of:

  • All broken links per ad space that still generates traffic

  • Where broken links are implemented

  • What is the cause of the broken link

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