PerformanceIN releases digital supplement on European Performance landscape

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In June, off the back of the Performance Marketing Insights event in Berlin, PerformanceIN hosted a round table looking at topics surrounding the European Performance landscape. Our CEO Mark Walters participated on the panel amongst other opinion leaders from the industry. PerformanceIN has just released its digital supplement following the event.

Some key topics included a discussion around the biggest challenges and opportunities currently facing as well as looking at some emerging market strategies. Find out what highlights industry leaders have already seen this year and what is foreseen for the upcoming year(s). Which countries are developing and where is the industry as a whole heading? All insights and results are now accesible: click here to download the full report.

SEO Ranking factors 2015

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Everybody who works in online, wants to find out how to achieve higher rankings in Google. The truth is that only Google knows the exact ranking algorithm. The bi-yearly SEO ranking factors from SEOmoz might help you to better understand the ranking process in search engines. SEOmoz is one of the leading SEO agencies worldwide, and has recently published it’s newest ranking factors. By questioning 150 search experts on their experience with placing websites at the top of the rankings, they created an extensive overview of 90 ranking factors that influence your ranking postition. It should be noted that the ranking factors represent the opinion of recognised SEO experts, though none of them actually know the Google algorithm. This year’s edition of Search Engine Ranking Factors provides detailed analyses of ranking correlations and predictions for the  future of SEO. These ranking factors serve as a useful guideline for publishers and advertisers to optimise their websites. Read the rest of this entry »

QuickLinking: content monetisation never has been easier

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zanoxquicklinkingAutomated link conversion is one of the most popular ways to monetise content. A content monetisation tool automatically replaces normal deeplinks to an advertiser’s website with affiliate tracking links. Our technology partners such as Skimlinks and Viglink are gaining popularity amongst bloggers and content publishers due to its simple installation and extensive advertiser lists, which makes it a great solution for editorial sites, forums and bloggers. As an advertiser, your reach will be increased massively through content publishers, while publishers will benefit from utilising time saving tools that enable them to focus even more on creating engaging and useful content. Read the rest of this entry »

How to manage your publisher applications best

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As an advertiser, many publishers apply to your programme on a daily basis. To ensure you accept all valuable partners and don’t dismiss any for the wrong reasons, we have put together a short ‘how to’ guide on reading the application page with all its information. This way you can easily decide which publishers are a perfect match to boost your programme. If you are still uncertain about particular applications, we are here to support you.

Under ‘Affiliate’ you find the following information:


1. Publisher name

2.  This publisher is a zanox VIP publisher, who adheres to zanox quality standards and the zanox code of conduct. You can accept this publisher instantly.
This label is limited to a small group of publishers. Publishers without the VIP logo can still be valuable partners.

3. ‘Profile’: This leads you to the publisher profile, where you can find all relevant information about the publisher:

  • Contact data

  • Advertiser references

  • Publisher description

  • Additional ad spaces of the publisher

  • If applicable: social media profiles, publisher blog

4. ‘Settings’: In this area you can allocate conditions on ad media and send emails to this partner via the zanox marketplace.

5.  Here zanox account managers only can add information on the publisher. This is relevant as this might allow you to receive additional information to what the publisher is providing.

6. This icon is shown when the publisher’s ad space is classified as TPV enabled by a zanox employee. This usually applies to display and retargeting publishers. Accepting this publisher into your programme does not automatically enable the publisher for postview. You will need to confirm if you want to allow this partner as a TPV partner in a second step by adding them to the TPV group under ‘settings’. This group automatically appears under your group settings, when you have TPV tracking enabled.
Tip: review all rejected partners under the post view criteria – you may find some rare diamonds.

7.  Ad space URL: This shows the ad space of the publisher and links directly to it.

8.  The publisher ad space is a verified ad space. This proves that the publishers owns the stated ad space.

9. This information is filled in by the publishers when they apply to your programme. Review this to learn more about the ambitions, ideas and questions a publisher might have in regards to your programme.

10. (not shown in screenshot): This includes additional information provided by the publisher about his ad space and business model in general.

If you take all this information into account when reviewing your publisher applications, you are perfectly set to make a proper decision on the application. When in doubt please align with the publisher directly. They are generally more than happy to share more information about their business model. Of course your zanox contact is also at your disposal.

Planned maintenance of zanox marketplace – end of July/ beginning of August

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To improve our products and services for you we will carry out maintenance work on the following dates:

Thursday, 23rd July 2015, 06:00 – 07:00 CET
Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 06:00 – 07:00 CET
Tuesday, 4th August 2015, 06:00 – 07:00 CET

During these times, the zanox marketplace will be intermittently unavailable. This has no effect on tracking.

Kind regards,
The zanox team

The true value of voucher codes (White Paper)

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white paper Assessing the True Value of Voucher CodesWith average growth rates of 15% over the past five years, affiliate marketing is still on the rise. And as advertisers are willing to increase their spendings, they are also keener than ever to analyse the results to understand the true value of the sales that are being delivered. Which type of publishers add most value in the costumer journey and how can voucher codes contribute to that? There is a commonly held belief that sites built around offering deals, promotions and voucher codes are premised on the conversion and therefore add little value earlier in the sales funnel. But is that actually the case? Read the rest of this entry »

Interruption of server availability – 13th / 14th July 2015

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Last night and this morning until 8.00 AM we were experiencing routing issues with our provider. As a result some requests did not reach our servers. Tracking was not affected at any time and we did not experience an outage. All systems are back to normal and running smoothly.

At the moment we are investigating the cause together with our provider.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Peter Loveday

10 tips for a profitable affiliate marketing business

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Understanding your visitors and building their trust are two key factors to become successful with affiliate marketing. Today we would like to share top ten tips for making more money from your affiliate website: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s all about fashion – recap zanox Expert Day Fashion in Berlin

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Following Performance Marketing Insights Europe, zanox hosted another successful Expert Day Fashion in Berlin. In the name of fashion, more than 150 fashion-focused advertisers, publishers, bloggers and technology providers followed our invitation to Radialsystem V. This former pumping station was the perfect setting for this summer inspired fashion event.

The conference started off with Martin Rieß, Country Manager DACH, who introduced the first zanox Fashion Trendbarometer Summer 2015 for the German market. Following that, industry experts, advertisers and publishers presented the latest news and features for the fashion industry, with some astonishing ideas and outlooks. Multiple networking breaks including a speed networking session made this event very valuable for the participants and gave them the opportunity to initiate new and intensify existing partnerships. The official part closed with an exciting fashion show by Young HTW Fashion Designers – bringing fashion week-feeling to Berlin earlier this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Performance Marketing Insights Europe – another event highlight in Berlin

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Last week was an eventful one for zanox. On Tuesday and Wednesday the leading experts from the performance marketing industry gathered for another successful and inspirational Performance Marketing Insights Europe, while Thursday was all about fashion for the German team at the zanox Expert Day Fashion.


Performance Marketing Insights Europe saw more than 800 international attendees: advertisers, publishers, networks, agencies and technology providers. As platinum sponsor, zanox was a vital part of this event. Our stand perfectly welcomed our partners and guests and served as a popular meeting point in the afternoon with some refreshments ready. But this was only one part of our activities at this year’s Performance Marketing Insights. Additionally, we had two speaker slots on day one and our CEO, Mark Walters participated on a PerformanceIN round table discussing the European performance landscape.

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