6 tips to boost sales during the festive season and offer better user experience

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Advertiser tips & news , November 25th, 2015

In preparation of the festive season, advertisers are investing high budgets and efforts to increase traffic to their shops and attract more customers. But there are other ways to drive sales during that competitive time. We show you five ways to gain more customers, improve user experience and lift your sales during Christmas! Read the rest of this entry »

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A global perspective on the retail phenomenon

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Market Insights , November 23rd, 2015

Black Friday WhitepaperThe emergence of Black Friday as a major day in the retail calendar is only a recent phenomenon for consumers outside of its traditional American home.
As one of the pre-eminent days in the festive season, it represents an opportunity for retailers to provide the best and most compelling offers to customers and as such is a perfect fit for the affiliate channel.

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Adblocking and zanox: what you need to know

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in General News , November 4th, 2015

Adblocking technology prevents adverts from being served on online devices and web browsers. The technology has been widely used on traditional desktop and laptop devices for many years but has recently attracted a significant amount of additional media coverage. There are primarily two reasons for this:

  1. The growth in particular of a piece of technology called Adblock Plus

  2. The announcement by Apple that it would enable adblocking in the latest version of its operating system (iOS9)

Obviously this is a concern for the publishing industry who fear a drop in revenues as more and more users enable adblocking technology. Latest figures state the following take up of adblocking tech: Read the rest of this entry »

HTML5 will replace Flash as Admedia format – Time to take action!

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Market Insights , October 27th, 2015

HTML5 LogoThroughout many years, adobe’s Flash player has been the standard solution for displaying videos, animations and other graphical content on websites. But in 2015, HTML5 is coming to the fore, crowding out the player that has become obsolete.

In 2010, forward thinker Steve Jobs pulled to pieces Adobe’s Flash products in his open letter “Thoughts on Flash”, in which he stated why Apple would not allow Flash in the browser of its mobile devices. Vulnerability, poor performance and high battery consumption on mobile devices and lack of touch support were some of his arguments that led him to the conclusion that “Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content.” His provocative position wasn’t accepted without protest by Adobe and many other market players. Read the rest of this entry »

zanox Berlin Valley Experience – zanox’ top publishers discover the capital’s startup scene

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Events , October 16th, 2015

A startup is founded every 20 minutes in the German capital, which is referred to by locals as ‘Silicon Allee.’ Berlin is a melting pot of cultures, arts and ideas. Affordable living space, a world famous club culture, and an open-minded innovative startup scene make Germany’s No. 1 city for venture-capital investment so attractive to young entrepreneurs from all over the globe. In this inspiring atmosphere, zanox was founded more than 15 years ago and found a perfect soil to grow from a startup to a global player in the online marketing industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Take a look at our numbers: Mobile Performance Barometer 2015, 1st half

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Market Insights , September 23rd, 2015

With a record of more than 1.5million mobile transactions in January – half a million up on the previous year and growth rates averaging 52.4 % again mobile performance surpassed all records. Mobile sales revenue grew up 60 % compared to last year and triple the numbers of 2013 at the same time of the year. Shopping baskets reached an all-time high. With €95 average basket value, tablets remain the top turnover devices.

In our recent Mobile Performance Barometer we give exclusive insights on the state of mobile commerce in 2015.

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Dmexco 2015 – zanox’ highlights of the digital marketing superlative event

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Events , September 23rd, 2015

Last week, the global digital economy met in Cologne, Germany for its annual mega event, dmexco (digital marketing exposition conference). More than 43,000 visitors joined to meet nearly 900 exhibitors, network with old and new business partners, listen to top speakers presenting the latest digital insights, and to celebrate another exceptional year in the world of digital media. The zanox Group was present with a large booth at the fair, three speakers at the conference and a big crowd of zanoxees and clients at the OM Club party, co-sponsored by zanox.

The fast growing visitor numbers from year to year, the new opening of an additional hall and 30% international participants in 2015 reflects the events international relevance to the growing digital economy. For the first time, visitors that registered after a set date had to pay an entrance fee for their tickets.

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New vs. Existing Customers (White Paper)

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights , September 7th, 2015

New vs. Existing Customers White PaperHow are affiliates able to help drive new customers? This is a key question being asked by many of our advertisers. Our Head of Business Intelligence, Matt Swan explores the new vs. existing customers debate in our latest White Paper. By looking at the split between new versus existing customers that affiliates drive, and the order values they generate, we can better understand what the true value is of publishers in the process of attracting new customers.

Additionally, we explore some recent high profile cases where advertisers have reduced the commission rates offered for existing customers. With only a finite amount of customers, is reducing commission for existing customers counter intuitive? Shouldn’t advertisers also understand the additional value that can be attributed to retaining and nurturing its existing customer base?

Answers to all of these questions can be found in our New vs. Existing Customers White Paper. Download a copy of this white paper here.

PerformanceIN releases digital supplement on European Performance landscape

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , August 18th, 2015


In June, off the back of the Performance Marketing Insights event in Berlin, PerformanceIN hosted a round table looking at topics surrounding the European Performance landscape. Our CEO Mark Walters participated on the panel amongst other opinion leaders from the industry. PerformanceIN has just released its digital supplement following the event.

Some key topics included a discussion around the biggest challenges and opportunities currently facing as well as looking at some emerging market strategies. Find out what highlights industry leaders have already seen this year and what is foreseen for the upcoming year(s). Which countries are developing and where is the industry as a whole heading? All insights and results are now accesible: click here to download the full report.

SEO Ranking factors 2015

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , August 14th, 2015

Everybody who works in online, wants to find out how to achieve higher rankings in Google. The truth is that only Google knows the exact ranking algorithm. The bi-yearly SEO ranking factors from SEOmoz might help you to better understand the ranking process in search engines. SEOmoz is one of the leading SEO agencies worldwide, and has recently published it’s newest ranking factors. By questioning 150 search experts on their experience with placing websites at the top of the rankings, they created an extensive overview of 90 ranking factors that influence your ranking postition. It should be noted that the ranking factors represent the opinion of recognised SEO experts, though none of them actually know the Google algorithm. This year’s edition of Search Engine Ranking Factors provides detailed analyses of ranking correlations and predictions for the  future of SEO. These ranking factors serve as a useful guideline for publishers and advertisers to optimise their websites. Read the rest of this entry »