The misconception of tracking – Methods, consumer impact and data privacy in Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, General News, Tips for publishers , July 25th, 2014

The recent study from Princeton University and KU Leuven University again heats up the media discussion on tracking and data privacy. At zanox we would like to clarify the way we, and most players in the Affiliate Marketing sector, track advertising events and resulting clicks and transactions.

Fully anonymised tracking is at the core of Affiliate Marketing, where it aims to deliver relevant ad-media to consumers to initiate a sale or a lead. Publishers displaying contextual ad-media, via different models, e.g. price comparison or blog content, deliver value to both consumers and advertisers. In this ecosystem different tracking methods ensure that publishers are rewarded for their efforts. To match a consumer transaction event – a sale and/or lead for an advertiser – tracking is a crucial element. The calculation of commissions is based on anonymous event information, such as the display of an advertisement or click events. zanox operates in line with industry and data privacy regulations, no personally identifiable data is stored at any time.

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Product data feeds: do’s and don’ts for your SEO strategy

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Tips for publishers , July 17th, 2014

Product data feeds can make the difference for your success. In retail, about 15% over all revenues are generated via product data! Also in other industries we see that product data feeds help costumers to find relevant products and therefore increases your conversion.

Because a product data feed can be seen as a digital version of a catalog, it is the ideal ad media solution to display a large number of products on your website. Many publishers make good use of this by combining or comparing products; think of a Favourites / Top 10 list. A feed can be integrated in the existing content on the website, which often increases conversion significantly. The more relevant the product information is, the higher conversions will turn out.

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Publisher Introduction: Get the best vouchers with Flipit – anywhere you are

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news , July 14th, 2014

Flipit LogoTo learn more about Flipit’s elaborated business model, we have talked to Tom van Oijen, Account Director at Flipit. Learn more below.

Describe your business model, and how you stand out from the crowd.
Our business model is based on the ever-growing demand of getting online exposure and giving consumers information on where to get the best price. Companies from all over the world want to be noticed by consumers all over the world. With we can help them achieve this goal as we are the only voucher code website that is active in more than 20 countries. Along with that we enable consumers from across the globe to find thousands of online offers and coupon codes from their favourite retailers and brands. Our main goal is to provide the ultimate money saving experience and to establish long term relationships with both our visitors and partners.

Flipit Screenshot

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Use our tools for advertisers to uplift your performance!

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Advertiser tips & news, zanox Product , July 3rd, 2014

Make sure to get the most out of your affiliate programme by using our tools and special features for advertisers. Designed to make your work as an affiliate manager more efficient, it leaves you more time to connect with publishers in the zanox marketplace.

Some of our top tools include:

  • The Publisher Directory let’s you find your future partners with great ease.

  • With the help of the ERP Client you can export tracking information (leads/sales/baskets) as a data set and edit it directly on your computer. A great solution to bulk update the status of your transactions.

  • Use the zanox MasterTag to easily integrate various value-added services and applications, such as web analytics tools or retargeting.

Browse through the complete list of tools here.

Statement DDoS attack

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Dear clients,

We would like to share an update on recent downtimes of our tracking on Thursday, 26 June 2014, and Tuesday, 1 July due to severe DDoS attacks with you. Besides tracking the website (interface to the application), our blog and email servers were affected by the attacks, which resulted in the unavailability of our services for some time.
With the full power of our team and the support of our data center, we were able to minimise the downtime of our tracking to 15 minutes in the morning of 26 June and partially during the day, and 28 minutes in the morning of 1 July.
We have also put additional protection in place to prevent future DDoS attacks of high intensity. The attacks have been organized from one individual, who tried to blackmail us without any reason. We refused to make payments and took legal action.
We are confident that we had proper protection, but will work on further long-term protection taking the learnings from this attack into account and anticipating further attacks of a higher magnitude in the future.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience occurred and thank you for your understanding.
Below you can find additional information that might be useful to prevent similar attempts to your services.

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Statement of Christian Rebernik, zanox CTO, on DDoS attacks

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Corporate news, General News, Tips for publishers , July 2nd, 2014

zanox has been the target of several Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks by criminals.
It started on the 26th June 2014 morning. All of a sudden all systems where down. We knew this, because our external monitoring was alerting us of all of our external services failing.

Internal messages did not get through. One of our network engineers was in the data center, immediately able to take actions and starting to analyse the firewall’s setting. Visible was an abnormal increase in connection and use of bandwidth. In this magnitude and comparing it to the number of clients, all indicators pointed toward a DDoS attack by a criminal.
While analysing the attack, we found out that the zanox website was the target of the attack. As this was not crucial to the business, we blocked it and took it offline.
After this step all systems went back to normal. But we were expecting this to change already at that point.
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Availability of the zanox network

Posted by admin in General News , June 26th, 2014

At the moment we are experiencing problems with the availability of our network.

We are doing everything to get the systems up and running. We will keep you up to date.

This morning we were facing a severe DDoS attack.
We are up and running again! Everything has been solved.

We took immediate actions to secure our system including taking our website offline. The attack affected our tracking partially for a total time of less than one hour.

We are setting up additional measures to prevent an attack like this in the future and are further investigating the case.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Your zanox team

What happens on the internet within the glimpse of an eye?

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, General News, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , June 23rd, 2014

Of course we all know that there is lots going on online – every minute, every day, around the globe. But have you ever thought about what actually happens within one second on the internet?
Let us amaze you with this overview of how many transactions we make at zanox, how many emails are sent, what is going on in the different social networks and much more:

How will the future of commerce look like?

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, General News, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , June 17th, 2014

At the zanox Expert Day Fashion in Berlin last week, our key note Speaker Nick Sohnemann, Founder & Managing Director FUTURECANDY, took us on a trip to the future.

The future visionary drew an extraordinary, vivid image of the shopping experience in 2019. During his talk he introduced many innovative devices, including a live demo of Google Glasses and Oculus Lift. He foresees that hardware will be the central innovation driver of the future. Data glasses and data contact lenses, beacons, wearables, next generation smartphones as well as gesture recognition will foster new business models to interact and connect with consumers in a completely new way. Hardware developments will change the online and offline world significantly.










For commerce this means that the clear distinction between online and offline retail will disappear – everything will be interrelated and intuitively connected. Smartphones will play the key role in this constellation: consumers will buy mainly via mobile devices.  For our advertisers and publishers this scenario offers many opportunities to grow their business.
Consumers will benefit from a holistic approach that not only reflects their intuitive consumer behaviour, but is  always a step ahead of their needs. Companies need to make sure to stay on top of innovation and find new ways to market to succeed in a constantly developing market.


Boost your business with our tools for publishers

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Tips for publishers , June 10th, 2014

Tools for publishersSummer season is here! Make sure to heat up your business during this joyous time by taking advantage of our best tools for you.

Besides the zanox marketplace, little features and tools support your publisher activities, e.g.:

  • Be sure to keep track of the latest promotions with our incentive finder.

  • The zanox Deeplink Generator allows you to easily create deeplinks to specific products – just copy any advertiser URL, into the deeplink generator and use your personalized affiliate link right away. Make sure you are approved for the advertiser to make it work.

  • zanox Ad Delivery is your option to manage and optimize your ad media with the zanox media container on your website – ready to use, easy to implement.

View all tools here.