Which Xmas greeting type are you?

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in General News , December 22nd, 2014

Have you sent all your xmas greetings yet? If not, there are many ways to put a smile on the face of people that matter most to you.

Even in our digital world most people prefer to call their family and friends for the holidays, but this is closely followed by a digital means of communication: eMail.

We wanted to share a fun graphic to show how people send their holiday greetings and to remind you to send yours, no matter which method it may be.

Happy holidays!


New engergy regulations for e-commerce

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in General News , December 17th, 2014

To make the online comparison of electronic products easier and more transparent for consumers, the European Parliament adopted a new regulation. With the new EU regulation 518/2014, it is obligatory for online shops to display the energy label of electronic devices and energy-consuming products on their websites. This label helps consumers determine how efficient, environmentally friendly and/or energy saving the products are. The label must be displayed on the product page, close to the product price, to provide the customer with a complete overview of the product details.

So, what does this all mean for your online shop or publisher website? Read the rest of this entry »

Publisher Introduction: Convert images with TAGPINs blogger solution. Start tagging or being tagged!

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Tips for publishers , December 10th, 2014

TAGPIN starts working exclusively in the zanox network in Brazil, Germany, France and the Netherlands in December 2014. Their superior tagging solution allows advertisers to benefit from bloggers’ reach and the power of images. As a blogger or publisher you can easily convert images to initiate sales.

Images catch the eye and from now on you can benefit from that! TAGPIN’s turnkey solution enables bloggers and publishers to easily “tag” fashion and lifestyle brands in any of their in-content images. Consumers can directly shop for recommendations in those images. Ultimately, bloggers convert their traffic into sales for the advertisers.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been a blast!

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Advertiser tips & news, General News, Market Insights, Tips for publishers , December 4th, 2014


This year’s Black Friday proved to be another successful day for our publishers and advertisers. With many interesting advertiser promotions and extra attention from publishers, the number of transactions in our network and consumer spendings hit an extraordinary peak on the first day after Thanksgiving. Even though Black Friday has always been highly successful, the number of transactions (leads + sales) in our network increased again by an impressive 27% compared to last year’s Black Friday.

Looking at the transactions per day in 2014, Black Friday has been the most successful day so far. An increase of 74% in transactions was generated in comparison to the average day in 2014, followed by an uplift of 76% if we compare to the average Friday in 2014. Some countries show spectacular peaks on Black Friday with an increase in transactions of over 100% (388% in Brazil and 128% in Scandinavia). In all other zanox territories, we have seen impressive double-digit growth rates for this period. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at mobile shopping. Did you know that many consumers use their mobile devices to place transactions? 17% of all transactions were placed on tablets, followed closely by smartphones with 11%.

The impressive performance continued throughout the weekend with another peak on Cyber Monday. Gadgets and other tech products for bargain prices proved again to be attractive among consumers and boosted consumer spendings. An increase of 55% in transactions was generated compared to an average day on Cyber Monday.

Let’s stay focused to keep up this positive trend in December to make the upcoming Christmas period even more successful!

Publisher Introduction: Convert more visitors into customers with Remintrex

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news , November 28th, 2014

We have talked to Florian Werner, CEO at Remintrex, about our partnership and how advertisers can convert more visitors into clients, even when they have already left the page. This innovative model convinced not only us at zanox to take them on board as preferred partner, but also already more than 200 advertisers. We are sure there is more to come.


Florian, please share the idea of Remintrex’s business model with us.
Remintrex supports advertisers in converting visitors that have left the web shop or website without any purchase or newsletter registration. Our re-targeting emails allow advertisers to reach out to visitors of their website to activate and convert them into customers.

How does this work?
Once the user registers with one of Remintrex’s database partners, a cookie is set. This way we are able to send activation emails or special offers to those visitors to convert them into customers. The frequency and content of the email is aligned with advertiser requirements and corporate design.

The Remintrex tag is integrated in the zanox mastertag or directly on the landing page of the advertiser. It recognizes the previously set cookie of the user. Once the user leaves the advertisers’ website, the re-targerting process is kicked-off. Read the rest of this entry »

Season’s greetings from your friends at zanox

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Corporate news, General News , November 26th, 2014


We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our clients and partners as we look back at a successful 2014. We look forward to working with you more closely and growing our relationship in 2015.

We wish you happy holidays and only the best for the new year!
Your friends at zanox



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Benefiting from industry-specific Product Data

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, zanox Product , November 24th, 2014

As an advertiser you can now benefit from industry-specific product data. You have the ability to publish additional details about your products based on the industry you are operating in:

  • Retail & Shopping: Color, material, size, gender, etc.

  • Travel: Destination, travel type, price per person, etc.

  • Telco: Subscription SMS, subscription minutes, operating system, etc.

  • Events & Tickets: Event name, event city, artist, event start time, event duration, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

How publishers and advertisers benefit from native advertising

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in Advertiser tips & news, Tips for publishers , November 20th, 2014

Native advertising is more than just a popular buzzword. It is an effective form of advertising where the advertisers’ message seamlessly matches the look and feel of the publishers’ website or app – a win-win-situation for everyone.  Advertisers can take advantage of broader reach and the attention of the customers while publishers benefit from promotional materials that better fit their platform. In the end, customers receive stronger, targeted messages that match their interests and needs, so they are more motivated to place an order or sign up for a newsletter or similar. Today we want to share some best practices on how to use the zanox network to maximise opportunities for native advertising with you. Read the rest of this entry »

Industry-specific product data feeds make the difference

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Tips for publishers, zanox Product , November 18th, 2014

Our updated, industry-specific product data feeds allow you – especially as a comparison publisher – to set-up better categorisation and search capabilities with ease. The  additional information in the product data feeds includes individual, industry-specific columns in addition to the standard set (price, URL, image, etc.):

  • Retail & Shopping: Color, material, shipping cost, size, gender, etc.

  • Travel: Destination, travel type, price per person, etc.

  • Telco: Subscription SMS, operating system, etc.

  •  Events & Tickets: Event name, event city, artist, event start time, event duration, etc.

In order to benefit from the additional information industry-specific data feeds provide, please proceed as shown below to generate new download URLs. For CSV feeds, please select the columns you wish to retrieve. industryspecific-data-feeds In case you do not have time to update this information right away, your download URLs for product data feeds will remain valid for the coming months. These articles might also be of interest to you:

Zalando meets zanox

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Events, Tips for publishers , November 17th, 2014

Last week zanox hosted 18 international Zalando Affiliate Managers plus their local zanox Account Managers at the zanox HQ to discuss the strategy and ideas for 2015.Zalando at zanox HQ

In the beginning, our new COO Adam Ross gave a strategic outlook on 2015. Highlights of his speech included mainly technical topics and innovations like cross device tracking. Adam’s presentation was followed by Samantha Wnuk, Head of international Affiliate Marketing at Zalando. She spoke about the focus topics for the individual countries for 2015, the affiliate strategy as well as mobile. All those topics are important for Zalando next year.

Zalando at zanox HQ_2

In the second part of the day, Florian Wallner, Global Account Manager at zanox, led an interactive workshop. The main focus for this was on the development of the strategic partnership between Zalando and zanox to generate more relevant topics and promotions for our publishers and the end-consumers. Mobile and performance Branding were at the top of the list. Moreover, a session called “Think Wild” allowed the attendees to use their creativity. In the following individual sessions, the attendees had the opportunity to breakdown the ideas and input of the previous session to fit their local needs and strategy.

Zalando at zanox HQ_3

To finish off the productive day, everyone came together for networking drinks with the zanox Global Publisher team, before heading off to Sage Restaurant – just next to the Zalando Outlet Berlin.

After this productive and valuable day, Zalando and zanox are well prepared to kick-off the new year successfully. All zanox publishers can look forward to inspiring Zalando activities in 2015.