zanox Mobile Performance Barometer H1 2016

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in Market Insights , September 13th, 2016


Smartphone overtakes tablet for mobile sales, now accounts for 1 in 6 sales

Judging by our latest mobile performance barometer, a lot can change in six months. Between January and June 2016, transactions generated globally via mobile hit the 30% mark for the first time on our network. What’s more, smartphone overtook tablet mobile sales share for the first time and now counts for 1 in 6 sales for the zanox Group.

These milestones demonstrate that consumers feel more empowered than ever to shop on mobile devices, which can be attributed to a number of factors: better mobile internet connections, technological advancements and optimisation of the user experience on mobile by retailers.

However, revenue generated and average order value via smartphone is still lagging behind tablet, suggesting that consumers continue to find comfort in making their more expensive purchases on larger screen sizes.

Interestingly in markets that have recently matured for mobile, we see consumers skipping larger devices and making the majority of their purchases on smartphones. Particularly in Brazil, Android has successfully monopolised the market thanks to Samsung’s line of affordable handsets, which provide good connection and reliable features.

After an exciting start to the year, we’re eagerly anticipating what m-commerce developments are in store for the rest of 2016.


  • Smartphone overtakes tablet for mobile sales for the first time, 17% smartphone vs 13% tablet

  • 55% increase in smartphone sales, now account for 1 in 6 for the zanox Group

  • 30% of all transactions globally generated via smartphone and tablet

  • Apple continues to be preferred in Northern Europe whilst Android is favoured in the south of the continent, however, Apple loses 4% sales share to Android overall, while Android dominates the Brazilian market with 81% share

  • 110% increase in average order value (AOV) for the Nordics via tablet devices

  • Brazil has highest mobile sales growth yet Eastern Europe & the Nordics leading the way for revenue growth

Download our full report here for a true, global picture of the ever-evolving mobile landscape.

This edition of the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer analyses mobile sales and revenue data from January – June 2016 compared to the same period in 2015. Our global network is comprised of 4,300 advertisers in 11 territories including Germany, France, UK, Benelux, Spain, Brazil, the Nordics, Eastern Europe, Italy and the US across multiple industries.


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