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zanox Mobile Performance Barometer H1 2016

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in Market Insights, September 13th, 2016


Smartphone overtakes tablet for mobile sales, now accounts for 1 in 6 sales

Judging by our latest mobile performance barometer, a lot can change in six months. Between January and June 2016, transactions generated globally via mobile hit the 30% mark for the first time on our network. What’s more, smartphone overtook tablet mobile sales share for the first time and now counts for 1 in 6 sales for the zanox Group.

These milestones demonstrate that consumers feel more empowered than ever to shop on mobile devices, which can be attributed to a number of factors: better mobile internet connections, technological advancements and optimisation of the user experience on mobile by retailers. (more…)

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2016

Posted by admin in General News, Market Insights, March 22nd, 2016


The mobile evolution has been the hobbyhorse of marketers for years, and not without reason. Continual changes in devices, software, and user behaviour provide challenges for traditional eCommerce models.

And there’s no signs of slowing down. Not only are advertisers getting on track with their mobile strategies, more digital natives are growing up as mobile consumers and previous generations’ confidence is growing with new technologies.

Our bi-annual Mobile Performance Barometer reveals detailed insights from our exclusive network data, drawn from transactions tracked across 4,300 advertiser programmes, across 11 territories. Demonstrating the growing power of mobile commerce, 2015 closed with record numbers of 2,808,070 transactions made in December during a strong Christmas season. This followed a phenomenal Black Friday, where for the first time our network broke through the €1 million barrier in commission generated in a single day. (more…)

Take a look at our numbers: Mobile Performance Barometer 2015, 1st half

Posted by sibylle.grenz in Market Insights, September 23rd, 2015

With a record of more than 1.5million mobile transactions in January – half a million up on the previous year and growth rates averaging 52.4 % again mobile performance surpassed all records. Mobile sales revenue grew up 60 % compared to last year and triple the numbers of 2013 at the same time of the year. Shopping baskets reached an all-time high. With €95 average basket value, tablets remain the top turnover devices.

In our recent Mobile Performance Barometer we give exclusive insights on the state of mobile commerce in 2015.


zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2015 – get your mobile knowledge boost here!

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights, Tips for publishers, March 10th, 2015

Mobile commerce continues to boom with one-third of worldwide internet accesses now executed via smartphones (by StatsCounter). Assuming this number will continue to grow over the next few years, it implicates tremendous potential for mobile affiliate marketing.  Currently, a wide range of advertisers and publishers rely on the power of mobile. Growth rates of 105% in mobile revenues and 82% in transactions, give a first hint of how well mobile affiliate marketing has performed in 2014. The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer  allows an in-depth look into European m-commerce and its development.

Download the full review of 2014 with a variety of graphs and evaluations on the different aspects of mobile affiliate marketing.


zanox Mobile Performance Barometer first half year 2014: Tablets massively outperform Smartphones

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, Market Insights, Tips for publishers, zanox Product, September 10th, 2014

  • Mobile transactions reach a new peak (smartphone and tablets)

  • Tablets are accountable for two-thirds of all mobile revenue

  • Tablets show the highest average order value at 74 Euros, iPads even higher value at 82 Euros


What is the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer?zanox-MPB-2014-logo

The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer analyses zanox data from seven European markets (Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain) reflecting the development, trends and user behaviour in m-commerce from January to June 2014. For the first time, we will evaluate the tablet market in more detail – with interesting results.

It is based on pure facts substantiated by zanox’s data on mobile transactions and the revenue generated in our network. No survey has been conducted and no expert opinions have been incorporated to generate the results – just hard facts. These facts have been analysed thoroughly to come to a comprehensive overview of the development in m-commerce.

Mobile revenues and mobile transactions reach another peak in 2014 (January-June)

The upswing of mobile continues in 2014! With new heights in mobile transactions and  exceptional growth rates of 50% in mobile transactions and even more outstanding 70% in mobile revenues, the first six months of 2014 show that mobile is still on the rise (numbers comparing Jan – June 2013 to Jan – June 2014). Looking at the mobile transaction curve, we observe a peak in January – as experienced in previous years the post-Christmas uplift – which is matched by the June numbers and even outperformed in July. Yet the February to May numbers exceed the monthly 2013 numbers significantly on a month-by-month comparison. (more…)

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2013

Posted by Alexandra Lilienthal in Advertiser tips & news, General News, Market Insights, Tips for publishers, May 13th, 2014

Europe is still playing it big in m-commerce –
no levelling effect in sight yet

  • Outstanding growth rates: 64% in mobile transactions, even 95% in mobile revenues

  • Consumers trust in mobile as purchasing platform grows

  • Android strikes back

  • “Year of Travel” with strong mobile players on the advertiser and publisher side

What is the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer?

zanox-logo-MPB-2013The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer analyses zanox data from seven European markets (Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain) reflecting the development, trends and user behaviour in m-commerce in 2013, up to early 2014.

It is based on pure facts substantiated by zanox’s data on mobile transactions and the revenue generated in our network. No survey has been conducted and no expert opinions have been incorporated to generate the results – just hard facts.


zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2012:

Posted by heiko.lammers in General News, April 18th, 2013

M-commerce continues to grow in importance for European consumers

  • M-commerce still on growth course in Europe
  • Financial Services providers and Retail & Shopping providers record highest m-commerce growth in Europe
  • iPad increases its lead in revenue shares with 53 percent – Android overtakes iPhone and secures 2nd spot
  • iPad users are the kings and queens of shopping in m-commerce

During the past year, the mobile shopping volume generated by smartphones and tablets in Europe increased by over 140 percent compared with the previous year. In this regard, the iPad is the No. 1 mobile revenue-generator, accounting for 53 percent of all revenues. German consumers still prefer the Apple platform for their mobile shopping trips: More than two thirds of mobile transactions in Germany in 2012 were made using iOS devices. These are the central findings of the current analysis of the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2012”. The analysis is based on an appraisal of over 1,000 advertiser programmes in seven European markets (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland) with annual consumer transactions in the double-figure millions range.

“The boom in new devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in new cloud technologies and in the availability of mobile internet, offers consumers more possibilities for online shopping. Consumers appreciate the comfort of having information and shopping possibilities available at all times and in all places and now determine their personal e-commerce journeys independently,”
says Thomas Joosten, zanox CEO. “This ‘consumerisation of e-commerce’ is a challenge for the whole provider side. However, at the same time, it also offers a basis for new business models for the advertising industry, the e-commerce market and even for stationary retail.”

1.Country development: M-commerce still on growth track in Europe

  • The mobile sales channel also continues to grow in 2012: In an annual comparison, there was a 142-percent increase in revenues generated via mobile devices across Europe. In 2012, the mobile sales channel accounts for a 3.9 percent-share of the total e-commerce revenue.
  • Scandinavia is the 2012 European champion in mobile commerce, with the largest mobile channel-share of total e-commerce revenues in the region (7.3 percent revenue share) and the second-highest growth rate from 2011 to 2012 (240 percent). With this, the mobile channel-share of total revenues in Scandinavia is almost double that of the European comparison (3.9 percent).
  • With 356 percent, the Benelux countries record the highest growth rate for mobile revenues in the entire zanox network.

  • In a comparison of European countries, Germany lies around the European average with a mobile channel-share of the total e-commerce revenues of 3.5 percent and revenue growth of 135 percent.

  • zanox_MPB_2012_Countries_engl

    2.Sector growth: Financial service providers and Retail & Shopping providers record highest m-commerce growth in Europe

    • Products and services from the Financial Services sector demonstrate the greatest growth potential in a comparison of revenue growth from the year 2011 to 2012; these are directly followed by products from the Retail & Shopping segment. The four most important sectors in the European zanox network are:
    • Financial Services: 155 percent growth in an annual comparison
    • Retail & Shopping: 153 percent growth in an annual comparison
    • Telecommunications & Services: 121 percent growth in an annual comparison
    • Travel: 96 percent growth in an annual comparison
    • In Germany, the Telecommunications sector represents the fastest-growing m-commerce sector with year-on-year revenue growth of 163 percent.

    • zanox_MPB_2012_Industries_engl

      3.Revenue share: iPad increases its lead – Android overtakes iPhone and secures 2nd spot

      • In an annual comparison from 2011 to 2012, and with a still-growing overall market, Apple’s iOS operating system for iPad and iPhone devices exhibits a slight loss of ground in m-commerce, whilst still making the biggest contribution to mobile revenues with a share of 73 percent (2011: 78 percent).
      • The launch of the iPad 3 in March 2012 injected new impetus into Apple’s tablet – the company registered record figures in 2012 with the iPad 3. Accordingly, the iPad was able to further cement its leading position as the No. 1 mobile revenue-generator and, therefore, as the motor for mobile commerce in Europe. In 2012, 53 percent of all mobile revenues in the zanox network were generated by iPads (2011: 43 percent).
      • In the following places however there has been a switching of roles – the “power-shift” between Android and iPhone took place in March 2012. While the revenue share generated by Apple’s iPhone is in decline (from 35 percent in 2011 to 20 percent in 2012), Android devices now claim the 2nd spot and are forcing the iPhone into 3rd. In the annual comparison, Android managed to increase its m-commerce revenue share by more than eight percentage points to 25 percent, thereby accounting for a quarter of the total m-commerce revenue (2011: 17 percent).

      • zanox_MPB_2012_Device_Revenue_engl

        4.Number of transactions: European consumers prefer Apple’s iOS

        • Apple’s iOS operating system also holds the top spot in Europe with regard to the number of transactions. In 2012, 67.3 percent of mobile transactions in the zanox network were made via iOS. (2011: 69 percent).
        • Android is the platform with the highest growth rates in mobile transactions. In 2012, almost a third (29.2 percent – 2011: 23 percent) of the transactions in Europe were generated by the Google operating system.
        • The majority of consumers in Poland and Spain shop with Android devices, thereby forming an exceptional case in Europe. In 2012, Poland also took over from Spain as Android-region No. 1, with Android transactions at 64.9 percent and iOS at 23.1percent.
        • Germany registers the most transactions via iOS devices in a European comparison (75.4percent); 22.9 percent of transactions are accounted for by Android devices.

        • zanox_MPB_2012_Device_Transactions_engl

          5.Device performance: iPad users are the kings and queens of shopping in m-commerce

          • iPad doesn’t just have its nose in front in terms of the number of transactions, but also with regard to the average revenue generated per transaction. iPad-users are particularly keen consumers and spend more per transaction than the users of other devices.
          • On average, the spend per transaction via the iPad is around 50 percent higher than that for iPhone and the Android devices.

          • zanox_MPB_2012_Devices_engl

            About the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer”
            With its transaction-based business model, the international zanox performance advertising network provides the largest and most relevant European platform for the analysis of trends and developments in the fields of e-commerce and mobile commerce.

            The analysis is based on an appraisal of over 1,000 advertiser programmes in seven European markets (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland) with annual consumer transactions in the double-figure millions range. With this, the findings of the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer” provide decisive indicators for shifts in market shares and user habits in m-commerce. The “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer” is a sure gauge for developments in m-commerce – one which is not based on projections, surveys or other expert opinions, but rather, plainly and simply, on real consumer transactions; in other words, purchases, contract completions or subscriptions.

Shopping after closing time: iPad sapiens shops after work and on Sunday

Posted by heiko.lammers in Market Insights, December 20th, 2012

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer: The consumer behaviour of iPad-users differs considerably from traditional online shopping

zanox-mobile-performance-barometer_LOGOThey surf longer, watch more TV shows online and play more promotional games – iPad-owners behave differently to the average internet-user. This is demonstrated, among others, by a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe). But these are not the only differences. In the current “Mobile Performance Barometer 2012”, the performance advertising network, zanox, shows that users of the Apple tablet also have different online shopping-habits. Accounting for over 53% of revenues generated, the iPad is the most important source of sales in European mobile commerce (Status: September 2012). More than sufficient grounds for zanox to take a closer look at the shopping habits of iPad users.

The Revenue King: iPad
In order to produce a detailed picture of the shopping behaviour of iPad-users, zanox conducted an analysis of de facto transactions completed on over 1,000 of its advertiser programmes. During the process, it was noted that over half (53 percent) of all transactions in European m-commerce were completed on iPads. Revenues generated by iPhones make up 19 percent of the total volume, while the revenue-share generated by Android devices is 25 percent.

Shopping after work and on Sundays
“iPad-users are not only very well-funded: their buying habits also differ considerably from those of PC and smartphone-users,” explains Stefanie Lüdecke, Chief Sales Officer of zanox. Ordering the newest trends or downloading the latest tunes after work – these are typical everyday scenes for users in the iPad-community. Almost a third of all daily transactions (27.13 percent) are made between 6 pm and 9 pm. In addition, there is increased activity among iPad-users on Sundays. The number of transactions completed on Sunday is around 25 percent higher than the weekly average per day.

The user-scenarios for all other mobile devices, as well as for e-commerce via laptops and PCs look different. These user-groups usually shop between Monday and Thursday, with the number of transactions dipping slightly on Fridays and over the weekend. Beyond this, it is not possible to clearly deduce a preferred time-of-day for online shopping: Viewed over the course of the day, transactions remain at a similar level over all devices during the period from 6 am hours to 10 pm.

Retailers and fashion shops alone generated 63 percent of the m-commerce revenues made in Germany via the iPad in the first three quarters of 2012. If one compares the growth figures for the different sectors for the period between January and September 2012 with those for the previous year, it can be seen that the “Retail & Shopping” (222 percent), “Telecommunications and Services” (223 percent) and “Travel” (213 percent) sectors, in particular, have experienced substantial increases in transactions made using iPads.

iPad-commerce is not the same as m-commerce
“The development of a one-fits-all m-commerce-strategy for all platforms will not be an adequate response to the specifics of different mobile user-groups. The iPad is an m-commerce channel with laws of its own. Companies and the operators of online shops must bear this in mind if they wish to fully exploit the revenue-potential of this channel,” adds Lüdecke. “Sales campaigns for the iPad must be adapted to suit the specific consumer habits of its users.”

A good example for consideration of the habits of iPad users comes in the form of advanced STORE. An exclusive VIP publisher in the zanox network, they attuned themselves to the needs of this special target group some time ago. “The iPad is the most important driver in the m-commerce market and there are clear differences in shopping habits compared with other channels. For this reason, we have a long-established practice of optimising all of our ad media specifically for the iPad,” explains Marc Majewski, Founder and CEO of advanced STORE. “We started adapting our ad media for the new user-group back when the iPad 1 was launched. This entails measures such as the deliberate avoidance of Flash or the targeted use of fall-back ad media for the iPad.”

The “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2012” is the second analysis carried out by zanox on the basis of e-commerce transactions in the double-figure millions range from over 1,000 advertiser programmes in the European core markets (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland). The transactions were reviewed with regard to their relevance for m-commerce.

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer iPad share Mcommerce 2012

zanox Mbile Performance Barometer iPad Weekly average


zanox Mobile Performance Barometer for the UK

Posted by Britta Herbst in zanox Product, July 6th, 2012

The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer can now provide unique mobile insights broken down by country. Now you can see important new developments in your local market.

Amongst other insights, the Barometer shows trends by revenue, transaction & device. For an even deeper look into the mobile space, contact your zanox account manager and ask for your personal mobile traffic analysis. Take part in the mobile explosion by optimizing your business with the Performance Barometer.

Check out the development of m-commerce in the UK with the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer.

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer

Posted by Marjolein van der Kolk in General News, May 23rd, 2012

313 percent growth in revenues via mobile devices

One transaction every 15 seconds in Europe via a mobile device

iPad is the motor for mobile commerce in Europe

zanox, the leading performance advertising network in Europe, presents the current trends and developments in mobile commerce with the latest edition of the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer”. Based on over 1,000 advertiser programmes in the European core markets of Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland, Europe’s leading performance advertising network shows that mobile commerce is already living reality for consumers. In an annual comparison of 4th quarter 2010 to 2011, there was a 313-percent increase in revenues generated via mobile devices across the entire European zanox network. In 2011, for example, more than two million transactions were made via mobile devices throughout the zanox network – the equivalent of one mobile transaction every 15 seconds. During the process, a sales volume of 120 million Euro was generated in 2011. (more…)