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zanox Heroes: Daniel Krahn & Daniel Marx, HolidayGuru

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in zanox Heroes, December 13th, 2016

zanox heroes

Imagine setting up a website as a hobby to help your friends and family find the best holiday deals. Then by the following spring your website has caught the attention of national media outlets and within the next 18 months it expands to 140 employees based in 12 countries around the globe. This is what happened with Daniel Krahn and Daniel Marx’s German holiday deals website Here they share their story including their most peculiar experience and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tell us a bit about yourself – how long have you been using affiliate marketing and how did you get started?Urlaubsguru
In the summer of 2012 we brought the website to life in Unna, Germany after finding amazing holiday deals time and time again. To start with we put the deals online just to help friends and friends of friends. Then we heard about affiliate marketing and that travel companies were using the channel as an advertiser and decided to immediately link our deals via zanox. It was just two old school friends with a hobby.

When we started, we hoped that one day we’d be able to pay the cost for a banner advertisement. Now we have more than 140 employees and Holidayguru sites in 12 countries. In the past year we have facilitated a 100 million euros worth of holiday sales. (more…)

zanox Heroes – Guillaume Berthelon,

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in zanox Heroes, June 1st, 2016

zanox heroes

As part of our zanox Heroes campaign, we’re asking our publishers to share how they’ve used affiliate marketing to become online entrepreneurs, in order to inspire smaller publishers and highlight the positive impact our industry can have on people’s lives.

Not content with the existing price comparison engines on the market, Guillaume Berthelon and his business partner Nicolas took matters into their own hands and created He shares how they overcame penalties from Google to make considerable profit after just one year. (more…)

Interview: Introducing CityInformation

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in Interviews, May 4th, 2016

cityinformation logo
Is less really more? It is when you’re able to use one single app for many different tasks! CityInformation enables users to catch up on local news, shop online, buy movie and football tickets, order takeaway or book a table at their favourite restaurant, all in one CityApp, saving both time and phone memory. Having recently joined the zanox network, we asked CityInformation’s Marketing Manager Wout Smits about their business model, booking trends and what opportunities they can offer advertisers.

Wout SmitWelcome to the zanox network! How does CityInformation’s business model work?

With our CityApps, advertisers are able to localize their marketing efforts by targeting consumers in specific geographical areas.

Alongside information about local shopping, we also provide our users with an online warehouse where they’re able to browse lots of different stores including Zalando and Asos. Therefore, our CityApps also add value to advertisers without physical ties to the city. Our all-in-one solution is targeted on both locals and tourists

Based on how our app is used, we can offer the most value to advertisers on a CPC payment model.


zanox Heroes – Johannes Kinast,

Posted by sarah.ruzgar in zanox Heroes, February 18th, 2016

zanox heroes

It’s not everyday that you hear about the smaller, long-tail publishers who have used affiliate marketing to grow their sites from being a part-time hobby, into a sustainable business. That’s why we’re launching our zanox Heroes campaign, where we hope to inspire smaller publishers by featuring the stories of online entreprenuers and their journey to success.

First up, Johannes Kinast shares his inspiring story of how at just 25 years of age, he has utilized the spare time alongside his studies to grow his site into a popular hub for the latest travel bargains. (more…)